The Story of Jewels of St Leon

Our Story

Let us bring joy to your family.

Jewels of St LeonJewels of St Leon, founded by the St Leon Family, is a fine jewellery store specialising in engagement rings, diamonds and high-quality materials. Clients are provided with jewellery of extraordinary quality at an affordable price online, with high standards of ethics and sustainability. Our commitment is to offer exceptional service, affordability and quality that distinguish our line of jewellery from other competitors.

We believe that our jewellery is more than a fashion statement; it is an investment. We are able to source and provide our clients with quality grades of gemstones, diamonds, gold and silver for an affordable price, so that your investment is worth more in the future.

Jewels of St Leon, though launched in 2021, has roots that stretch back four generations to both my great grandfathers.

Our families’ journey began with both great grandfathers prospecting for gold throughout Victoria and New South Wales. Our grandfather, Raymond St Leon, expanded from prospecting to also fossicking for gemstones. He created our grandmother's eternity ring from the gold he found by learning to become a gold and silversmith, a craft he then taught our father Raymond St Leon Jr.

Dad went further and learnt to cut and facet gemstones after he found an emerald, which he later cut and facetted into a pair of earrings for our mother. Dad then encouraged his four children to learn about fossicking, prospecting and jewellery creation. The family would regularly go away on camping trips fossicking around New South Wales and on special prospecting adventures.

In the early 1990s, Dad began to do special orders for friends and family, specialising in engagement rings, eternity rings and anniversary bands. His connections grew, enabling him to offer a wider range of products to his private clients as a hobby during his retirement. He later settled back into fossicking and cutting the gemstones he found just for fun.

Throughout the 2000s, Dad’s oldest son, Neil St Leon,  became a gemmologist and I, Ian St Leon, learnt to set gems as a hobby. In 2021, a severe back injury forced me into semi-retirement. Considering what I would do next with my life, I went back to something that has for four generations brought joy to our family, and I would like to extend that joy to your family.