Lab Grown Diamonds

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

The simple answer is that they are diamonds. Optically, physically and chemically they are identical to natural diamonds. Lab-Grown Diamonds are NOT simulants; instead they have been created in a laboratory by scientists.

How are they made?

We don’t want to get to technical and bore you. The easiest way to describe it is that scientists start with a rough crystal known as a diamond seed and then using processes that mimic the conditions that a natural diamond receives over millions of years from the Earth, they are able to transform the diamond seed into a diamond.

What are the benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

There are many benefits to purchasing a Lab-Grown Diamond, but in the end it is still a personal choice.

  • Purity & Quality - Lab-Grown Diamonds are created in controlled conditions, so they are not subjected to harshness of Mother Nature, so impurities such as dirt are not ingrained into the stone like they can be with natural diamonds.
  • Conflict-Free Diamonds - As these diamonds are created in laboratory, they are 100% conflict-free. The journey from their origins to you they have a guaranteed trackable source.
  • Variations and Colours - Naturally occurring coloured diamonds are rare and very expensive. Lab-Grown Diamonds are able to replicate coloured diamonds for a fraction of the price that a natural coloured diamond would be.
  • Environmentally-Friendly and Sustainable - Lab-Grown Diamonds are created in a way that it does little to no impact on the environment and is completely sustainable.
  • Price - Lab-Grown Diamonds can cost between 30 – 50% less than Natural Diamonds.  Since they don’t have the overhead costs that Natural Diamonds do, Lab-Grown Diamonds are able to be offered at a lower price point. This gives people more bang for their buck.

How are Large Lab-Grown Diamonds Graded?

Every large Lab-Grown Diamond sold with a grading report is graded the same as their natural counter-parts, using the 4 C’s of Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carats. This is conducted by an independent third-party* who have trained specialist in grading, as an added security feature an ID Number is inscribed on the diamond just like with Natural Diamonds.