2023 Top 5 Engagement Rings Trends in Australia

by Ian St Leon

Top 5 Australian Engagement Ring Trends in 2023 from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia

Australian engagement ring collection to surprise and delight any future bride-to-be.


The beginning of this year, temperates outside have been hot, to say the least; however, we have the hottest engagement rings in Australia to set the heart and soul alight. Not everyone has the time to flip through Vogue magazine or decipher thousands of posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out what's in style and what's not? 


We have done all the hard work for you! We have conducted extensive market research to remain on top of the latest trends, so we can help future brides and grooms-to-be find the ring style that best suits them.


The latest designs and styles can be found in a thousand and one places like colours, shapes, fashion, and architecture. Even the T.V. shows we binge-watch on Netflix, like "The Crown" and "Wednesday", have influenced the engagement rings on our top five list.


We have studied and identified the top five most elegant and modern emerging Australian engagement ring styles of 2023 that you will love! 


Trend 1: Classic


The classic engagement ring is a classic for a reason! Their timeless qualities and never-ending beauty go beyond a lifetime. Australia's two most popular choices in 2022 were the solitaire and the three-stone engagement ring. Both trends will continue throughout 2023.


Their popularity comes from the simple and elegant designs that are aesthetically pleasing for all to admire from near and far. The focus remains on the stones, as the attraction and the trend towards quality and brilliant sparkle from the solitaire engagement ring or the dazzling twinkle of the three-stone engagement ring with side and accent stones capture the attention before the centre stone stops the show.


A clear trend has emerged in 2023 for a higher quality of colour and clarity over the centre, side and accent stones size. A Solitaire stone is, on average, between 0.60 and 1.10 carats. In contrast, the three-stone engagement ring is between 0.50 and 0.75 carats for the centre, with side stones ranging from 0.15 to 0.30 carats each for a total carat weight of between 0.80 and 1.25 carats, with brilliance being the priority.


Diamond and Gemstone Shapes that are available from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia

The four most desired shapes in Australia for solitaire, three-stone and accented classic engagement rings are oval, brilliant round, emerald and square cuts, with natural diamonds the most popular, and blue sapphire, lab-grown diamonds, Moissanite, champagne diamonds and ruby among the stone varieties highly favoured.


Australian brides admire and desire the classic engagement ring because its everlasting beauty radiates sophistication with a touch of class. 


Three Stone Two Tone Engagement Ring from Jewels of St Leon's Classic Collection Engagement Rings for Australia

Items Featured: L3886-856, L6306-391L6246-1115L3886-816


Trend 2: Regency Engagement Rings


The regency engagement ring style is part of the vintage-inspired collection, which tends towards ornate and floral design elements. In Australia, the regency engagement rings most desired variations include halo-style, accented and three-stone rings. 


Regency Diamond Engagement Ring by Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia

The regency collection is an up-and-coming adaptation of the vintage-inspired design for the modern Australian woman. It is becoming a cherished favourite with its elaborate, intricate, unique design patterns and the feeling of refinement and excellence. It is ideal for the fashionable and romantic Aussie bride.


The size of the jewel in the regency engagement ring varies from 0.50 to 0.75 carats for the centre, with side and accent stones of varying shapes and sizes being used within the overall design. The total carat weight can average from 0.80 up to 1.20 carat while capturing the sparkle with quality stones.


The preferred stone shapes for the regency engagement ring are brilliant rounds and oval shapes. Other cuts, such as emerald, heart and square, are specialities. Diamonds remain the most desired, followed by Tanzanite, Moissanite, Ruby and Lab-Grown Diamonds.


This will be a hallmark of the 2023 bridal season in Australia; with flowing grace, this is an engagement ring style to watch.


Items Featured: L3719-605L3408-677L3833-601L3719-608


Trend 3: Archi-Deco Engagement Rings


Art deco, for more than a century now, has influenced everything from architecture and interior design to car design and has had a significant influence on jewellery and, in particular, engagement rings. 


Champagne Diamond Bow with Accent Engagement Rings by Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia  Reimagined Princess Diana Inspired Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia

In 2023 the art deco style is being reimagined for a new generation. This redesigned style is called Archi-Deco! The heart of this update is the luxurious feel and attention to detail you see in architecture from the 1920s, like Sydney's State Theatre or Western Australia's Gledden building.


Aussie bride's favourite types are halo and accented engagement rings styled in archi-deco. This modern twist is full of drama, excitement and rich detail that will attract the attention and eye of anyone near you.


In Australia, the ring's design determines the shape and size of the centre stone. Our clients, on average, prefer a centre stone of between 0.45 to 1.00 carat, depending on the design, and accent stones of various shapes and sizes; for an average total carat weight of 0.90 to over 1.20 carats.


Australia's three best-loved centre stone shapes are brilliant round, oval and emerald cuts. Baguettes, small rounds, and other cut styles used as accents highlight the ornamental design of your engagement ring. The prevalent stone types are Natural Diamonds, Champagne Diamonds, Moissanite, Blue Sapphire and Lab-Grown Diamonds, to name a few.


Diamond Art-Deco Engagement Ring from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia

The new Archi-Deco style engagement ring is all about luxury, glitz and grandeur with that special touch of dramatic flair. Australian brides who love glamour will yearn for this impressive engagement ring. 


Items Featured: L6393-130L4673-120L2409-119


Trend 4: Alt Aesthetic Engagement Ring Style


The breakout trend in Australia is the alt-aesthetic style, which covers engagement rings outside the mainstream. Their beauty comes from the alt-aesthetic's unconventionality and uniqueness, ideal for the bohemian bride and groom. 


Black Diamond Engagement Ring from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia

Imagine if you would this edgy and expressive engagement ring style on the finger of a Wednesday Addams from the Netflix TV Show Wednesday, the romantic goth at heart, or a fiancee who is independent and outside the mainstream.


Two Stone Toi et Moi Engagement Ring from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia.        Accented Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia

Accented and solitaire engagement rings with larger stones are well-liked in Australia. Central stones are between 0.75 and 1.20 carat and larger on occasion; accent stones are of various shapes and sizes. Brilliant round and square shape cuts are prominent so far in 2023. Pear, heart and emerald cuts are requests by clients who want to add character and charm. 


The preferred gemstone is Moissanite, especially for engagement rings 1.50 carats or over. Lab-Grown Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Coloured Gems and Diamonds are generally preferred for 0.90 carats and below.


Bridal Set - Moissanite Engagement Ring and wedding band from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia.


Alt-Aesthetic engagement rings radiate power and confidence through their sharp and outside-the-box designs.


Items Featured: L4725-148L2933-510, L6422-256L4725-297


Trend 5: Modern Sleek


Solitaire 3.24ct Moissanite Engagement Ring from the Modern Sleek Collection Available from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia

Modern Sleek engagement rings are a growing mainstream option in Australia. It is focused on mechanical elements, split bands, negative space, sleek lines and decorative features for intense designs with a genuinely high-fashion vibe. Imagine Anne Hathaway or Emily Blunt from "The Devil Wears Prada" as the brides who want a Modern Sleek engagement ring. 


The modern bride will adore this engagement ring from the beaches of Sydney to the outback of Western Australia as the symbol of everlasting love and commitment. 


Intensity from premium quality and stone type is the clear trend for engagement rings in Australia instead of higher carat, lesser quality stones. Solitaire sizes range from 0.50 to 1.10 carats. Side and accent stones go from 0.03 to 0.40 carats depending on the style. In contrast, a two-stone Toi et Moi engagement ring is 0.30 to 0.70carat each.


Brilliant round, oval, square and emerald are the most popular shapes in Australia for modern sleek solitaire, three-stone, halo and accented engagement rings, with Moissanite and Lab-Grown Diamonds as preferred stone choices.


Accented Engagement Ring from the Modern Sleek Collection available from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia


Criss Cross Accented Engagement Ring from the Modern Sleek Bridal Collection available from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia



The modern sleek collection is among the most impressive and stylish in Australia for 2023. You will surely adore your engagement ring for a lifetime.


Three Stone Engagement Ring from the Modern Sleek Engagement Ring Collection available from Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia

Items Featured: L4587-1081, L6342-181L6014-570L4507-150




Australian brides are not without choice in 2023 for gorgeous engagement rings. Whether you are the groom-to-be or looking as a couple, our list of the top five emerging engagement ring styles in Australia will save you time and the pain of researching what is trending and what is not.


The significant change from previous years is the focus on the stone's quality over its size. The desire for ethical, premium graded and calibrated Diamonds, Moissanite, and Lab-Grown Diamonds remains high. Sapphires, Tanzanite, Ruby, and other coloured stones remain steady.


Classic engagement rings remain at the top of the list in 2023, with solitaire and three-stone rings the favourite styles. Regency and Archi-Deco Engagement Rings are modern twists on vintage and art-deco styles that focus on the centre stone and design. 


The alt-aesthetic and modern sleek engagement rings are the rising stars of the engagement ring trends for 2023 in Australia. They are stylish, fresh, affordable, and ethical engagement rings for contemporary Australian women.


14K Gold is still the king, with white and yellow preferred for most engagement rings. Other options such as sterling silver, 10K gold or premium metals, 18K gold and platinum are available to suit your budget.


If you are considering proposing, looking already, or want to drop a hint. Why not chat with our specialists, who can help you find the right ring from our collection or design an engagement ring just for you.


Bonus Tip: When you buy an engagement ring, check to see if it has a matching wedding band that will fit the size and shape of your perfect engagement ring. Purchasing them together is cheaper than buying them later when they might not fit snuggly together.


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Top Five Engagement Ring Style in Australia for 2023 - Jewels of St Leon Engagement Rings Australia Blog

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