Your Guide to Earring Jackets

by Ian St Leon

Did you know that your collection of stud earrings could be so much more? The secret is earring jackets…

Confused? Don’t worry; we have you covered with everything you need to know. Whether your earrings studs are plain metal or feature diamonds, precious or semi-precious coloured gems or the queen of the sea pearls, you can transform them into new beautiful pieces of jewellery when you pair your stud earrings with earring jackets.

Earrings are about drawing people’s eyes to the face and the mouth; to achieve this we may need a stunningly beautiful visual pop. What if you want a more dramatic look? The versatility of earring jackets is a great way to upscale your studs within your collection at a fraction of the cost of buying a new pair of earrings.

Earring Jackets what are they?

For years celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Julianne Moore and others have been wearing them for an edgy and trendy look.
They are an add-on accessory for your stud earrings. This accessory gives a new lease of life to your studs, by producing some amazing three dimensional beautiful effects either by wrapping around the stud for a halo-style design or you may prefer a drop or dangle design instead. A range of options are available for you to choose from and experiment with to deliver beautiful styles to suit the wearer
As an example we can take a pair of freshwater cultured pearl and add a pair of jackets to transform them into a pair of pearl and diamond halo-style earrings (as pictured). Now you have a pair for everyday wear and a pair for a special occasion or a night out on the town.

Before you buy, what should you consider?

Ear Jackets are like other fashion accessories that doesn’t mean every jacket works with every pair of stud earrings. Before you buy take the time to look through your collection of earrings studs, this is your chance to organise them by a common denominator. Now you can ensure they will fit different jacket styles.

The second thought behind buying earring jackets is to conceive a unique balanced or uniformed look, so by arranging your studs you can find different variations that will work across the entire collection or for one pair that you want to highlight and modernise.

After deciding on the look you want to achieve with your studs and jackets, make sure to double check the sizes. An example is halo-style jackets for that larger diamond earring look; check the preferred size for that jacket. Your stones may be 4mm and the jacket only fits 3mm. Note Jewels of St Leon, provide you with all the information on preferred size to fit, dimensions and other details that will help you make the perfect choice.

Creating your style…

This is an individual choice of course, but it is also a great time to experiment.

Mix and matching metals is always a great place to start, but don’t stop there, consider how different studs will work with individual pairs of jackets and across a range of options including different stones. Try embellishing your gold or sterling silver ball, diamond or gemstone stud earrings by pairing them with a halo-style design, and then compare them to an under the ear variation in both diamond and pearls, and then compare to the dangle or drop jackets to get an overall sense of what works for you.

Earring jackets are very versatile which gives you the change to really embrace the trend, what will you go for? Elegance and sophistication or a dramatic look to impress, either way you are the winner.

Your plain studs look like large diamond earrings, or transform them into drop earrings, or create a pair of dangle earrings the choice is in your hands to invent those eye-catching new pair of earrings within your collection, but is that as far you can go? No, you can experiment with other shapes, other stud earrings and truly show off your flair.

3 Simple Ideas for Wearing Them…

Perhaps you are not the experimental type of person and prefer a more classic style. Let us give you 3 ideas as a guide that you can easily replicate the style to suit any occasion or complement any outfit.

  1. A look that is timeless
    To achieve this timeless look with no effort, you want to go for a minimalist and subtle feel. The combination of simple pearls studs and either natural or lab-grown diamond accents sitting behind the ear and that hang down to cradle the ear lobe. With this you will radiate femineity with a simple, fashionable and stylish feel that will complement all occasions whether it is a day at the races or a night out on the town with friends.

    This timeless look allows you more options for either a subtle outfit or to be creative with your fashion, with bolder colours or bigger and brighter patterns without taking away from the beautiful pearl and diamond combination.

  2. Geometric shape ear jackets for a more daring look
    The use of geometric shapes is the popular trend for 2022 and provides you with a more daring and decorative look. You can decide between plain metal fashion or the diva inspired diamond accented beautiful and bold jackets.

    Geometric shaped ear jackets present as an opulent and luxurious feel. Usually sitting in front of the ear lobe behind the earring post, this style of jacket turns any stud earrings into a pair of beautiful drop earrings. These pieces would complement a simpler outfit such as a black or white dressy suit or go well with a shorter dress style.

  3. Simple gold metal fashion

    This style is the most discrete of all and one of the most stunning at the same time. Simple gold metal fashion jacket which surrounds the entire earring stud that rests inside the jacket, this is the most versatile of all the earring jackets as they can double or triple the size of your stud earrings and create a charming and interesting addition to your outfit.

    Due to their simplicity and elegance these ear jackets can be worn with almost any type of stud, from your beautiful diamond earrings, your coloured precious and semi-precious stone or dress up your pearls with these ear jackets.

Our extra little secret style tip…

We have shown you how jackets can be used with stud earrings, but some jackets can also be used as dangles with a pair of hoop earrings for a more dramatic look. The key to using earring jackets is experimentation, trying different variations to give different effects and styles. Find what works for you.

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