by Ian St Leon

It is a trend that began with bridal collections. Ladies would wear their engagement ring, wedding band, and anniversary bands together on the ring finger. Still, wearing them as fashion statements has become popular in more modern times. Nowadays, men and women wear them on any finger as an expression and a way to create and share your unique and personalised style. 

This modern trend is wearing multiple rings that sit flush on one or more fingers together. To achieve this look, jazzed-up rings and bands mustn't have wide gaps unless you are using the negative space as a feature. Either way, these looks have been achieved by introducing stackable rings, which are flatter and more comfortable when put into a ring stack. 

Unlike engagement ring stacks of the past, which can be restricted to the engagement ring, wedding band, and anniversary rings, modern-day ring stacks can only be limited by the width between your knuckle and first knuckle. 

There are minimal limitations on the style you can achieve insofar as they can feature gems, diamonds, thin bands, or big and bold stackable pieces. Newcomers will find this effortless style advantageous, and for jewellery fanatics, it allows them to keep up with modern trends while utilising current and older jewellery.

You may ask yourself a question: is every ring stackable? The short answer is yes; however, there is a growing trend to separate between standalone ring styles and stackable rings so that it is achievable to get a tight fit. 

The whole point of ring stacking is to create an individual style for you. Let's explore six carefully curated options you can test for yourself.

Let's begin with the basics!

Minimalist ring stacks

Minimalist ring stacks are not as flashy or attention-grabbing as some other ring stacks on our list, but you can still have a significant impact on expressing your style. Just because it is restrained, it does not mean that it cannot be exciting and surprising. 


Understated jewellery has the benefit of being able to work in any situation and with any outfit. A mix of thin bands, petite solitaire gemstone, and dainty geometric shapes can create an exciting yet uncluttered look. You can replicate this ring stack style on multiple fingers without seeming overcrowded.


Traditional ring stacks

Traditionalist ring stacks are for the wearer who prefers the classic look of jewellery and is a perfect choice to create a unique and impressive accessory. Classic or traditional stones on thin bands are iconic pieces that seem timeless; they include diamond, pearl, signet rings, and other pieces with old-world charm and a modern twist.

These classic ring styles can be easily mixed and matched to create stunning and innovative ring stacks. They are versatile enough to be worn on individual fingers as standalone or as midi rings for a highlight. People who choose this style are not afraid to experiment and try different combinations.


Bold ring stacks

The design of a bold ring stack is to be an eye-catching statement piece. This ring stack comprises one or two bulky rings supplemented with thinner bands. 


The majestic and sometimes untamed look can be a fundamental feature of this stack. Combining gemstones and bold shapes, or metal fashion, the layered effect is high impact, especially for an evening out. 


Bold stacks require you to be adventurous and daring as they want people to notice them. Take a lesson from your bridal collection; this stack will come together to construct a unique and individual look that shares your story and looks great. Either way, you are a winner.

Trendsetter ring stacks

Petite with interesting geometric shapes or modern stones, the trendsetter ring stack appeals to those fashion-forward wearers and modern jewellery lovers. Trendy stacks add a little twist that will enthral a wide variety of women, providing a unique and gorgeous style that will complement both day and evening wear.

For example, a gold or silver chain ring mixed with modern stones like Tanzanite, moissanite, or lab-grown diamond stackable rings will show off an appealing stack beyond traditional styles. Usually, the trendsetter rings are more economical and ethically sourced options that suit more socially conscious and fiscally responsible modern jewellery wearers.


Symbolic ring stacks

Ring stacks can tell a story, and none is more expressive than the symbolic ring stack, as this is a great way to share a deeper, more spiritual meaning with the world. The symbolism of your ring stack can make this fun and exciting, whether it is your connection with faith or the universe or to express a personal story.


You have a wide variety of options, from a modern twist on sharing your faith to

symbols such as the evil eye that are believed to give protection, or perhaps Celtic-inspired or infinity-inspired rings just for pure styling. This stack can tell an individual story of belief and belonging; this collection is deeply personal to each individual and their sacred truth.

Personalised ring stacks

There are so many options and possibilities within personalised stacks that it is possible to customise this stack with unique and personal pieces to represent you. Jewellery is about ultimately telling your story and helping you create an individual and particular style through your ring stack.

To create both an eye-catching and meaningful, personalised ring stack, you have a choice to use birthstones, engraved heart rings, or engraved signet rings and initial rings that have a deeply personal meaning for you. Using various shapes and stones to represent members of your family or as a private message, this stack is limitless with variety.


The sheer number of available styles and combinations can make it seem overwhelming to put together a stylish ring stack. Sticking to one of the curated collections we have outlined, you can bring out your personality and style while being fashion-forward.

There is a fashion choice for everyone; whether you want to portray sleek and professional, calm and casual, loud and outspoken, or dainty and minimalist, there is a stack, especially for you.

Most of all, we recommend that you play with different styles to see what suits you best.

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