Top 4 Valentine's Day Trends for 2023

by Ian St Leon
Top 4 trends for Valentine's Day 2023 from Jewels of St Leon Blog.

Jewellery with a Personal Touch, Rose Gold, Roses made with Gold, and Symbols will captivate the Heart on Valentine's Day 2023.


Standard Valentine's Day gifts include chocolates, wine, flowers, and jewellery. And while some of these gifts can be picked up on the way home from work, jewellery purchases require a bit more preparedness. Alas, there are always those of us who need something last minute. You know who you are; you're the one who rushes into the store minutes before it closes, needing to find a present such as a rose gold ring (or one of the other three Valentine's Day trends we've highlighted below).


We get it! Life gets crazy, and before you know it, February 13 (or even February 14 — eek) is here. Jewels of St Leon has you covered for all your Valentine's Day fine jewellery needs. You may be a tad bit unprepared, but you can speak to one of our representatives or shop online this year, and we will help you find a gift to captivate the heart.


Here are the four hottest Valentine's Day trends for this year:


Trend 1: Unique Just Like You

Nothing says "I love you" like personalised jewellery. Every jewellery piece is personal, but it takes thoughtful consideration when choosing a personalised piece for a loved one. Our many customisation options help you create the perfect piece for your girlfriend, finance, a husband, or a wife.


Getting started is the hardest part of selecting personalised jewellery, so make it easier, and start with our engravable heart locket, personalised rings, engravable bracelet and earrings for the ladies and the gentlemen; why not choose from our engravable dog tag necklace, men's bracelets or a signet ring.


Contact us if you have another idea, and we will bring your vision to life with our customised service.


Engravable Heart Locket is the perfect as a Valentine's Day gift available from Jewels of St Leon. Engravable disc earring for the personal touch this Valentine's Day. One of the four trends in 2023 from Jewels of St Leon. Men's signet ring for a personalised gift for Valentine's Day 2023 from Jewels of St Leon Engravable Sterling Silver Bracelet from Jewels of St Leon.


Trend 2: Jewellery that is Heartfelt

At a loss for words? It is not always easy to express the love and joy that he or she brings to your life, so why not say what is in your heart with one of the assortment of symbols that hold a special meaning. Jewellery tells a story that lasts a lifetime and through generations. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

We offer a classic and modern range of hearts, knots, infinities, and moons, amongst the variety of many shapes that radiate everlasting love. Choose from our range of symbols, and you will easily capture the hearts of classic and modern women with the perfect gift this Valentine's day to be adored all year round.


Heart and Scroll Necklace a symbol of love. Valentine's Day Trend for 2023 from Jewels of St Leon  Black Enamel and Gold Heart Earrings - One of the hottest trends for Valentine's Day 2023 from Jewels of St Leon  Celtic trinity knot a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship. Perfect gift trending this 2023 Valentine's Day from Jewels of St Leon


Trend 3: Glow with Rose Gold...


What about something different for this Valentine's day and with sparkle. She

Sparkling Trend for Valentine's Day 2023

would think the world of the vibrant colours of pink and red gemstones mixed with shimmering rose gold make for the most feminine jewellery pieces for her to treasure. Our selection of gemstones includes Garnets, Pink Tourmaline, Rubies, and many others gems to create an extraordinary unique range of jewellery just for her.


Though yellow gold is still the king in most jewellery, you can be unique

Valentine's Day Top Trends - Female Engravable Ruby Heart Signet Ring

when selecting a rose gold piece of jewellery. She can mix and match her rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that will be cherished this Valentine's day with rose gold crafted jewellery.


If you have looked and found the perfect piece of jewellery to elate her heart, but wait, it is not in rose gold. No need to worry. Ask if it is available in rose gold, and you can bring your dreams to life

and give her the perfect present that will make her glow this February 14.


Trend 4: Roses are red...then Gold


Flowers are always a popular gift on Valentine's day, and roses are at the top of that list. But unfortunately, they fade with time, and eventually, they are in the trash and forgotten. Never fear; the solution is simple! A 24K gold plated rose. But you say, who would want a fake rose? THEY ARE REAL ROSES!!!! Cultivated from the Earth, each rose is handpicked and preserved before being accentuated with precious metals.


Handpicked Gold Trimmed Roses Trending Gift for Valentine's Day 2023


Choose from the various colours or meanings or pick her favourite colour and delight her with a real rose that has been disassembled by hand, treated and accentuated with enamel and 24K gold, and then carefully reconstructed for the perfect rose to last a lifetime.



 Take a look, and you will see the petal's veins, with the thorns on the stem. Each rose is unique, and sometimes you can find the imprint of a little dew drop on the petals! They all come in a beautiful gold long-stem rose box. This gift will create an everlasting memory.


Rose a trend for 2023 Valentine's Day Gifts


Create a memory to be looked back on this Valentine's Day...


This year and this Valentine's Day is about creating a loving memory for the one you love, and we have selected the four most popular trends that will be cherished and adored by your special loved one. 


It is no longer a struggle or an excuse to leave it to the last minute to find a unique and memorable gift for this coming February 14. You can choose from the top four Valentine's day trends with a piece of personalised jewellery for both men and women or express your feeling with a symbol of your love.


Or bring the sparkle to your girlfriend, fiancee, husband or wife this Valentine's day with a symbol of passion with a pink or red gemstone, or you may prefer a little more low-key gift. The option is to give them a handpicked and crafted real semi-open rose that will last a lifetime as a reminder of your true love.


If you are still trying to figure out what to do for a present this Valentine's Day, why not give us a call? We can help find something perfect that he or she will cherish and admire the thought you have shown to find the ultimate gift just for them.


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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