Presenting the 2023 Colour of the Year.

by Ian St Leon
Vivid Magenta - 2023 Colour of the Year - Garnets, Spinel, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire and Ruby. Available from Jewels of St Leon - Australian online Jewellery Store.

The new year is in full swing and offers thrilling and endless possibilities for exciting opportunities and the courage to invest and reinvent ourselves with a positive outlook towards mind, body and spirit. Let's celebrate those opportunities with the 2023 Colour of the Year from the Pantone® Colour Institute.


Each year the experts at Pantone determine the colour of the Year through vigorous and comprehensive research that includes past, present and future trends and styles; they examine the current state of life and cultural significance and choose a colour that can tell a story.


If we look back to the shades from the past, Colour of the Year

Past Colours of the Year - 2020 - Classic Blue, 2021 - Illuminating & Ultimate Grey, 2022 - Very Peri, 2023 - Vivid Magenta. has been influenced by the world around us as individuals and as a shared experience. In 2020 we saw the return of Classic Blue, which was unconventional then. When the blues were gone in 2021, they were replaced with Illuminating and Ultimate Grey before the bold choice of 2022 Very Peri, a shade never seen before, swept the world to offer hope and light to what had been a dismal couple of years. 


"This year's Colour of the Year is powerful and empowering. It is a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint, an electrifying, and a boundaryless shade that is manifesting as a stand-out statement" – The Pantone® Colour Institute.

Vivid Magenta, the newly crowned Colour of the Year for 2023, will be displayed through a range of beautiful gemstones from Jewels of St Leon. The perfect kick-off for a new range of dainty and bold jewellery, along with supporting colours of the Magentaverse.


What is Vivid Magenta?

The Pantone Colour of the Year 2023, Vivid Magenta, is a bold and fearless tone; a descendant of the red family, it is an expression of strength with the sparkle of optimism and joy pulsating through its versatility.

Vivid Magenta is inspired by nature with shades and red hues taken from the cochineal beetle that produces carminic acid, which is extracted and then used to create the natural red dye carmine. Vivid Magenta is a hybrid colour that welcomes and celebrates colour with hints of warm and cool tones.

In an age where much of our lives are digital and online, Vivid Magenta is a nod to the broader world outside, focusing on a striking colour palette that invokes powerful emotions from our lives.


Vivid Magenta Gemstones


Vivid Magenta Gemstones - 2023 Colour of the Year - Jewels of St Leon


The Pantone Colour of the Year, Vivid Magenta, opens up a world of possibilities with a wonderous selection of gemstones. Five gemstones will stand head and shoulders above others this year with bold and brilliant colouring and flashes of light.


Each gemstone illuminates the reality and beauty of the natural world. These gemstones have all been believed to express strength, and their cool and warm hues will invoke enthusiasm for a bright today and a brighter tomorrow.

Let's introduce and explore these five gemstones that will make an impact in 2023!


Garnets - 


Garnet Gemstones - Vivid Magenta 2023 Colour of the Year - Jewels of St Leon

The January birthstone is one of the most underrated gemstones on our list as this gem family has numerous variations of colour resonance, just in the red-coloured variants.


The most popular and recognised are the traditional deep reds like merlot that are associated with Garnet jewellery, through to the softer purplish-reds of the Rhodolite Garnet.


Garnet reflects your uniqueness and style with an array of red colours you can incorporate into your jewellery collection.


Tourmaline (Pink)


Pink Tourmaline - Vivid Magenta 2023 Colour of the Year - Jewels of St Leon

Pink Tourmaline is a most dramatic gemstone. It has a reputation for inspiring empowerment and endurance, and you will appreciate it more and more every time you wear it.

Tourmaline (Pink) is the modern birthstone for October and boasts a striking pinkish hue, with many shades from light pink colours to medium pinks, such as bubblegum or hot pink, to the darker pinkish colour range.

This gemstone is well worth a look and will feature heavily throughout this year as a symbol of positivity and potential.




From a time in history when gemstones were only identified by colour, Spinel, which has time and again been found in the same mines, spent years being mislabelled as Ruby and Sapphire (Pink).

The colour range of Spinel covers a vast field from stoplight red to vibrant pinks and purplish reds. Spinel is known for its spectacular and elegant colour derived from the element Chromium; the more Chromium present, the deeper the colour.

Ideal for jewellery, as is all the gemstone on this list, Spinel is the hidden gem of the jewellery world and is often overlooked. It's a fantastic coloured gemstone that is underappreciated and will add a lustre to your jewellery collection.


Sapphire (Pink)


Pink Sapphire - Vivid Magenta 2023 Colour of the Year - Jewels of St Leon

Sapphires come in many colours, except red (known as Ruby). When you think of Sapphire, you will conjure an image of a dark or medium blue sapphire. The gemmologist's colour grade is the only distinction that separates a Ruby from Pink Sapphire.

There are many intense colours, from vibrant and passionate Magenta to light pinks known as baby pink. Some Sapphires will have a deeper purple hue, and others will have a more robust red tone.

Pink Sapphire radiates pure festivity in every shade; they're exceptional, and adding one to your jewellery collection is a treat.




Ruby Gemstones - Vivid Magenta 2023 Colour of the Year - Jewels of St Leon

Ruby has been associated with prosperity, invincibility, and affection throughout history. Beloved worldwide as one of the most sought-after red gemstones, Ruby's dynamic colour catches the eye and warms the heart. This truly is the King of Gemstones.

When you see a ruby, you will imagine passion, love, strength, and power. A ruby gemstone's colour provokes primal emotions within us, from deep ruby red to the highly desired pigeon blood red through to the lighter shades of red.

Its durability, colour and prestige make this a must-have jewellery piece you will want in your collection.



Vivid Magenta Jewellery Styles for 2023


We are enthusiastic to see the 2023 Pantone Colour of the Year and its impact on the jewellery world. With its bright and playful tones, Vivid Magenta will stand out as the centre stone for earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and more or as an accent stone accompanying other jewels like diamonds.


Jewellery Trends for 2023 from the Vivid Magenta Colour of the Year Collection from Jewels of St Leon.

Pantone describes Vivid Magenta as a "red that writes a new narrative", which is never more true than when it comes to jewellery. We are elated by the prospect of a new range of illuminating and flirtatious designs to match the adventurousness of the Colour of the Year.

So what are we expecting to see in terms of jewellery? We will surely see plenty of Garnets, darker shades of Pink Tourmaline, Spinel, Ruby and Pink Sapphires.

We have chosen our top five favourite pieces of jewellery that will be popular throughout 2023. This year's colour will inspire people to embrace every facet of personal expression.


  1. Natural Ruby Huggie Earrings - Set with eight natural rubies in 14K gold, this is the perfect example of the Colour of the Year and jewellery coming together.
    Natural Ruby Huggie Gold Earrings - Available from Jewels of St Leon Australia  302 Fine Jewellery Natural Ruby Huggies Earrings As Seen in the May 2021 edition of Harper's Bazaar. Natural Ruby Huggie Earrings from Jewels of St Leon (Side View)
  2. Mozambique Garnet Sterling Silver Necklace - Set with a stunning 5mm Mozambique Garnet, this necklace can stand alone or be worn as part of a layered look. 
    Natural 5mm Mozambique Garnet with a deep rich red colour sterling silver necklace. January Birthstone, this necklace is available from Australian online Jewellery store Jewels of St Leon.
  3. Feel the love and loyalty of the Toi et Moi ring (French for you and me) featuring pink tourmaline and rhodolite garnet. This is a ring full of passion. (Coming Soon) 
    Toi et Moi is French for You and Me. Rhodolite Garnet and Natural Pink Tourmaline Ring. A Feature of the Vivid Magenta Jewellery available from Jewels of St Leon.
  4. Our 24 cm adjustable natural ruby bolo bracelet is a stand-out statement of self-expression without restraint. (Coming Soon) 
    14K Yellow Gold Natural Ruby Bolo Adjustable Bracelet. Set with 28 natural rubies a part of Jewels of St Leon's Colour of the Year Collection.
  5. Natural Ruby & Heart Gold Ring - Set with six rubies, this ring is all about love, romance and affection for a loved one or yourself. Also available is the Natural Ruby & Heart Silver Ring. 
    Natural Ruby and Heart Gold Ring. Part of the Vivid Magenta Colour of the Year collection from Jewels of St Leon Sterling Silver Natural Ruby & Heart Ring. Available as part of Jewels of St Leon's Vivid Magenta Colour of the Year Collection.


This shift will also flow through to bridal jewellery, with Vivid Magenta gemstones being the focus for those brides who want something out of the box and for the more traditional brides, we will see a fashion swing towards diamond centres with side stones and accent stones featuring Garnets, Pink Sapphires, Pink Tourmaline, Spinel, Ruby's or a mixture of gemstones for contrast.


Bridal Jewellery from Vivid Magenta Colour of the Year Collection from Jewels of St Leon.



Pantone has released a curated colour palette to complement Vivid Magenta and highlight both the cool and warm tones. This palette is known as the Magentaverse.


"It's a visual language, it's a way for us to express ourselves more honest and open, and connect with each other and that is how colour can change the world." - Elley Cheng, Vice President & General Manager Pantone.


Jewels of St Leon and our partners have used the Magentaverse to pair more beautiful gemstones to complement your unique collection of beautiful jewellery.

Jewellery has always been about expression, which is never more so than in 2023, with the introduction of Vivid Magenta and a curated colour palette to complement the visual beauty that this colour represents. We will see gemstones like Garnets, Spinel, Pink Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire, and Ruby take centre stage.

Let us bring your jewellery to life and tell your story with a piece that is individual to you with a custom-made ring, necklace, earring and more. This year's colour and gemstone selection are full of hope, passion and desire.


Vivid Magenta Collection

 Colour of the Year Vivid Magenta End Card by Jewels of St Leon

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