Jewellery for the Modern Man

by Ian St Leon

Dad holds a special place within the family and our hearts. He's the king of the castle, the chief lawnmower and the MasterChef of the BBQ. When something goes wrong or breaks, he's the man we turn to in those times. So what do you get, dad, this father's day or to say "I Love You, Dad" that is special and unique?

A shirt, tie or perhaps a pair of socks, but doesn't he deserve better?

We're not saying that every man wants to wear over-the-top bling bling, so we have put together a range of subtle men's jewellery pieces that would make the perfect gift and add a touch of sophistication this father's day or any day of the year.

For the Professional Man

If dad means business, why not find something he can wear during meetings? We have a range of jewellery that is a perfect fit for the professional dad and can be personalised for that extra special touch.

Tie Bar

A tie bar is a men's fashion accessory that holds the tie in place. The tie bar clips the tie to a business shirt, so it doesn't move around. This feature is handy during strong winds or for keeping their tie out of lunch. It is not only functional but also a fashion accessory for professionals. You don't have to be Fortune 500 CEO to look good and stylish.




Cufflinks are a decorative alternative to the commonly sewn-on button that secures shirt cuffs. Traditional for evening or formal dress shirts, cufflinks are used in business to project confidence and style. Cufflinks can be a great addition for the modern man, and adding an engraving makes this a very personal gift for the professional.


Money Clip

The money clip is the alternative to the fat wallet full of receipts and other junk dads stick in his back pocket daily. Money clips are designed to hold your credit cards and money rather than overstuff your wallet. You can keep to the bare essentials with a money clip during work hours, and it is a benefit for those dads out there with bad backs.


For the Adventurer

These are for the dad that is always on the go, whether it be hiking, fishing or camping trips. Treat your dad to something he can wear while on the go.

Identification Bracelet

An identification bracelet is a functional and excellent souvenir for the dad, who is always ready for an adventure. Personalised with a name or nickname, these serve a purpose and look good all at the same time.


Dog Tags

Dog tag necklaces are a popular way to express dad's style and are versatile, with a personal meaning for each individual. Personalised engraving adds a special message or commemorates a loved one or a date with a dog tag necklace for the dad on the go.



Stainless Steel Chains

Stainless Steel Chains are on trend, especially for the man on the go, due to their enhanced durability and scratch-resistant properties. It is now possible for the adventurous dad to both look good and still go fishing or camping.


For the Classic Dad

He opts for a traditional, classic look. With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to pick the perfect one; we've narrowed it down to our favourites. Don't miss out on timeless styles like signet rings and chains this Father's Day.


Signet Ring

The signet ring is a nod to tradition as a personalised gift that will last a lifetime. This ring style has a long history dating back to the middle ages and is still in fashion today. Signet rings can signify a special meaning or be personalised with initials or a family crest for that extra touch of class.


Gold Chains or Bracelets

A plain quality gold chain is a subtle jewellery piece with a history that dates back to the pharaohs and adds a touch of boldness without being over the top for the classic dad. The choice of thickness and styles gives you plenty of options to surprise.


Silver Chains

Slightly less bold than a gold chain, a sterling silver chain is perfect for the classic dad who wants quality and prefers white metal without breaking the bank. Why not try a slightly thicker style for a bit more impact?


For the Trendy Dad

This dad is cool…he isn't afraid of putting his own spin on a basic style. He will love our updated cross necklace or a diamond signet ring. For an elevated trendy look, upgrade these pieces to platinum.

Accented Signet Ring

The trendy dad signet ring is a nod to tradition with a modern spin, such as adding a gemstone or diamond for some extra flair. These signet rings have personalised initials or an inscription on the inside of the band for that extra personal touch.



When it comes to necklaces for the trendy dad, it is not about being subtle nor over the top, but rather a fashion accessory to complement his style. Popular trends have been towards plain metal fashion or a single diamond highlight.


Multiple Contemporary Metal Bands

Contemporary metal bands have become popular with modern celebrities like Johnny Depp and Chris Hemsworth. They wear multiple rings and change the style to suit the occasion and their fashion. This trend is not recent; it dates back to the renaissance era and has been worn by many others, including musicians such as Ringo Starr and Jimmy Hendrix. Ideal for the trendy dad who wants to make a bit more of an impact without the iced-bling.


Finding the right piece of jewellery for your dad or yourself is easier than you think, as there are plenty of options. The most important part about choosing a jewellery gift for your dad is the thought that goes with it.

When you add a personal touch such as engraving dad's initials into a signet ring or maybe more functional with a stainless chain or a combination of both like the identification bracelet, dads will appreciate it, as it is a gift from the heart.

Whether trendy, professional, classic or adventurer, the modern or family man can incorporate their new jewellery pieces into their professional and personal styles. Jewels of St Leon has something we are sure your dad will love for this father's day or any celebration throughout the year.

We want all dads to have a safe and happy day this upcoming father's day and celebrate with their families.

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