Aquamarine Jewellery 2023 : More than a Birthstone

by Ian St Leon

 Aquamarine Jewellery in Australia - Jewels of St Leon Online Jewellery Australia

Aquamarine, when it comes to this gemstone, it is in a class of its own. From jewellery to legends and much more, this gemstone has been used widely throughout history by the Sumerians, Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.


Aquamarine Jewellery has been found dating back to 480 - 300 B.C. it is known for its irresistible colours, beautiful and flawless quality and durability. For example, the Ancient Romans would use aquamarine gemstones and create intaglio etchings for rings that would then be used to sign important documents.


Aquamarine is derived from two Latin words: Aqua, which means "water", and marine, which means "of the sea". Aquamarines are indelibly linked to calm waters through their stunning colour and legends, such as it being the sacred stone of the Roman and Greek gods Neptune and Posiden or that it comes from the lost treasure chests of sirens and mermaids.


Neptune or Posideon's Scared Stone Aquamarine by Jewels of St Leon Online Jewellery Australia


These folklore tales made this a popular gemstone worn by fishermen and sailors from the ancient and middle ages and even some seafarers today who believe it calms the ocean.


Take a journey with us to discover more about the beautiful gemstone aquamarine!


Aquamarine throughout History

Aquamarine jewellery, both partial and intact, has been found dating back approximately 2,500 years, and the Egyptians and Romans created some of the most alluring jewellery, but aquamarine gems were used for much more. 


Quality aquamarine is flawless to the naked eye. As a result, over two thousand years ago, the Roman Emperor Nero used slither of aquamarine to help him with his poor sight. Fast forward to the 13th century, the Italians used beryl crystals, most likely aquamarine, again due to their flawless clarity to make lenses for pairs of glasses. The only drawback was the lenses were not clear. Skip ahead to the mid-1400s, and with their precision cutting skills, the Germans improved the technique to create aquamarine lenses for glasses that now aided both far-sightedness and vision impairment.


Aqumarine has been linked to the fountain of youth due to its colour resemblng calm water. Jewels of St Leon Online Jewellery Blog

Aquamarine and its resemblance to calm waters have been linked to the fountain of youth via fables passed down throughout the ages by various ancient cultures and then to people like the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León, who was supposedly on a quest to find the mythical fountain of youth. A great storyteller, Juan Ponce de León is believed to have popularised the myth of aquamarines association with the fountain in and around Spain in the early-1500s, reaching its peak around the 1550s.


Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family along with morganite and its most famous and captivating cousin, emerald. The first recorded use of the term aquamarine was not until 1677. Prior to this time, aquamarine is distinguished from other gems by the description of its distinctive colour range. In 1912 Aquamarine replaced Bloodstone as the modern birthstone for March and is also given as a present for the 19th wedding anniversary.


It is no wonder Australian jewellery lovers have so readily accepted aquamarine as a favourite. Its tantalising colour, beautiful transparent characteristic and versatility make it exceptional for modern jewellery.


Calming Blue Colour

The enticing hues of aquamarine gemstones range from blueish-green, blue-green, and greenish-blue to the rarer deep blue. The tones vary from very pale to medium dark; these shades separate aquamarine from all other gemstones.


You may ask yourself why is aquamarines colour important? Simply aquamarine has a rare quality in that it doesn't get lost in surrounding colours like some gemstones can. The use of yellow and rose gold or white metals such as sterling silver, white gold and platinum only enhances the beauty of aquamarine, making it suitable for all jewellery settings.


But wait, there's more... aquamarine is ideal and complementary for all skin complexions, hair colours and outfit styles from casual to business, and even to the evening gown, aquamarine will sparkle bright. The beautiful colour of this gemstone makes it the ideal fashion accessory.


When people see, think and describe aquamarine, they associate terms like youthful, tranquil and cool. The pleasant sensation and feelings related to aquamarine have made it a popular choice for Australian women and jewellery lovers of all ages.


Aquamarine Jewellery

Aquamarine Jewellery from Jewels of St Leon online Jewellery Australia

For over two and a half thousand years, rings, earrings, necklaces, and more have been accented with beautiful aquamarine gems. Women in Australia and worldwide love modern and trendy jewellery that sparkles with aquamarine.



    Aquamarine rings are a versatile option as they can be mixed and matched in a ring stack or worn as a standalone cocktail or statement piece. Usually, they have a brilliant round, oval or emerald cut as the focal point. 


    Aquamarine Evil Stackable Ring from Jewels of St Leon Online Jewellery Australia

    Aquamarine can be used as a petite highlight, such as our evil eye stackable ring with a 2 mm stone, to a mid-size 5 mm stone, like in our highly desired aquamarine and diamond halo-style ring. 


    Aquamarine and Diamond Halo-Style Silver Ring - Jewels of St Leon Online Jewellery Australia

    Then, of course, you have the sizeable 1.00ct plus stone that is perfect for cocktail and dress rings and, finally, the extravagant large aquamarine that is used for statement pieces that have been worn by the likes of the late Princess Diana, actress Jessica Beil and many others, that we make upon special request.


    Pendants and Necklaces

      Pendants that feature this stunning gemstone are also a prevalent option, as they can be worn as a single necklace or layered to create a unique style. Pear, round and emerald cuts show off aquamarine the most as a necklace.


      Aquamarine Petite Trillion Shaped Pendant - From Jewels of St Leon Online Gold Jewellery Australia

      Sort-after styles include our silver and gold solitaire birthstone pendants with a 3mm stone feature to our mid-sized halo-style aquamarine and diamond 5mm birthstone necklace.


      Aquamarine and Diamond White Gold Necklace from Jewels of St Leon Online Jewellery Australia

      Pear-Shaped 8x6mm or 0.95ct large aquamarine is the ideal choice for evening wear, a day at the races, or everyday wear, with its versatility to mix and match in a necklace layer and suitable for all occasions, or if you prefer, we can go for a real statement piece worthy of the late Queen Elizabeth II and go for the extra large and more lavish aquamarine necklace that is a custom made special order.


      Three Marquise Shaped Aquamarine gemstones and 3 round diamond Cross created in Sterling Silver from Jewels of St Leon Online Sterling Silver Jewellery Australia


        Aquamarine earrings are highly desirable and come in a wide range of sizes, from moderate to the more elaborate styles worn by Princess Mary of Denmark and actress Charlize Theron.


        Aquamarine earrings are among the ultimate gemstones that frame your face perfectly from our 5x3mm emerald-cut white gold stud earrings. We have 8x5mm aquamarine and diamond floral-inspired dangle earrings for that extra wow factor.


        White Gold Aquamarine Earring with a earring jacket, pearl earrings, diamond earring and small hoop earrings - Jewels of St Leon Earrings Online Australia

        You may want something bolder, then a pair of custom-made special order aquamarine earrings are a perfect choice. When it comes to aquamarine earrings, they are sure to complement your hairstyle, colour and skin tone. They're a must for everyone who loves jewellery and fashion.





        Aquamarine jewellery is far more versatile than just being the March birthstone and representing the 19th wedding anniversary. The fact is that it can be worn every day by anyone who appreciates gemstones and jewellery.


        The beauty of the colour is enhanced with every metal type, from beautiful sterling silver to all shades of gold through to premium platinum metals, as well as the kind of jewellery from rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and more aquamarine is a must own when it comes to jewellery as a fashion accessory.


        View our collection of aquamarine jewellery and be amazed or contact us to find out how we can create a unique piece of jewellery just for you.

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