2022 Jewellery Trends for an Australian Winter

by Ian St Leon

Winter is in full swing here in the land down under… For the past two years, most people's lives here and around the world have existed purely online through Zoom, Instagram, and other social media with minimal opportunities to show off the latest jewellery trends in person.

2022 is a reset, and the need to get glammed up has reappeared as more people begin to return to work in the office, travel, dine out, and socialise with friends and family. So the question has become, what is the winter trend for 2022?

Before we can answer this, we also need to know the latest fashion trends. However, the local fashion scene is flourishing; when it comes to trends, unfortunately, we can be overlooked in favour of our North American and European cousins. We do not find this detriment but rather a benefit as it allows us to see the emerging styles and colours for winter. We can recommend the right jewellery style and types to suit for a truly inspirational and functional look.

The Fashion Trend
People have so many opinions on this, but we will highlight what we have been told is selling worldwide and has begun to sell here in Australia.

Black is Back with a trend toward love.
The trend has been towards bright, optimistic colours for the past couple of years. Still, this year it has become apparent from the runways of London, Paris, Milan, New York, and Copenhagen through to department stores and sales of fashion's favourite colour, black, is back.

This covers a wide range of attire, including dresses, tops, jackets, boots, and more, from fashion houses like Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent.

On the other end of the spectrum is something a bit more unexpected, and that is the trend towards love, with baby pink, Chanel's light pinks, and finally, hot pink outfits that were seen on the runways of Paris by fashion house Valentino. The latter's bold colour choice has proven to capture the imagination of the fashion fanatic.

So we know what the trends are with colours in the fashion world, now we can offer suggestions as to what will work during this Australian winter in 2022.

Bold Earrings

In the past, earrings have been used to draw the eye towards the mouth and to frame or highlight facial features this year, bold jewellery has emerged, and when it comes to earrings, chandelier, drop and dangle styles have emerged. 

Focus has not been so much on length as both matched and mismatched earring lengths are on trend; instead, the spotlight has been on the colours. Light or multi-coloured gemstones or metal fashion have been popular for those who want to offset the black.

For those who have instead opted for the pink range, they too have gravitated towards bold earrings but with darker coloured stones such as dark blue sapphires or black pearls that pop in contrast to the baby or hot pinks in particular.


Bigger is Better Neckwear

The re-emergence of evening wear has accelerated as lockdowns have ended. With it, the need for some razzle-dazzle, whether you dress in black or pink hues. 

Regarding chains and neckwear, yellow gold is still king of the hill. Longer and thicker chains are in-style if being used by themselves with a minimum length of 55cm (22in) or if you prefer to layer, start with 50cm (20in) and progressively get longer to a maximum of 75cm (30in) with a mix and match of chain styles, materials, and thickness for variety.

But what about adding a pendant? The tendency is towards a single necklace with a large circular or geometric shape to add that visual enhancement.

We have seen a significant movement toward patron saint amulets this winter, open geometric shapes on a minimum 45cm (18in) chain and do not usually exceed 65cm (26in).


A Brooch for a Minimalist Look

Even though the winter jewellery trend is bold, you may need a more minimalist look for a particular occasion or work function. Then a brooch is a perfect way to get that bold impact on a jacket or dress. Don't let the stigma fool you. A brooch is crucial to any collection; this jewellery piece exudes luxury in a minimalist and understated way. 

Vintage-inspired and solid metal fashion brooches are ideal to use in conjunction with dainty earrings or your favourite rings. A word of caution, downgrade your neckwear to a string of pearls or something more subdued when wearing a brooch; it is the standout feature of the outfit, not your neckwear.

When wearing black, go for those light colours and gold as contrast, or if it's pink, use darker coloured stones and silver as an offset.



Ice your wrist

It will be icy enough during these cooler months, but you can never have too much ice when it comes to bangles and bracelets. Tennis bracelets have been chosen this winter as an accessory that sparkles from the wrist...

The bling from the tennis bracelet, whether it be Natural or Lab-Grown Diamonds, Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia, the impact of these colourless white gems is further highlighted with either the dark or light colours and can quickly complete your ensemble.

Dramatic Effect

Gloves have made a comeback this winter season, and rather than having one or more ring stacks; the trend is towards more dramatic rings. 

Turquoise is proving to be a leader of the pack; with its beautiful blue-green hues and size, it looks stunningly beautiful during the day or at night. Not to be outdone are chunky gold or silver rings without a stone with either a pattern or an appealing design element that covers your finger and can transition from work to evening wear with a simple change of clothes.

The dramatic effect is not about the contrast with your outfit but more about being comfortable. A single dramatic ring on one or more fingers allows you to wear gloves and not be concerned with losing a ring from the stack, as well as being more manageable during the cooler evenings.

We are not saying that you can't wear ring stacks or use your rings as a contrast to your outfit.


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